Top 10 Best Ballrooms in UAE

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To celebrate your big day of wedding, to gather friends and family for a feast, to celebrate age with loved ones on a birthday or showcase an important event in your life you need a space that can’t be erased from memories; but how to find this perfect space for the event of your dream?

Answer is simple; you need to find the ballroom which can serve well for very important events which happen once in a lifetime. Well if you’re hosting an event in UAE answer might not be that simple for UAE being known for making the impossible possible. UAE has thousands of event spaces, hundreds of ballrooms and zillions of experts who would it their life mission to make an event imagined come to life. With so many options it becomes very confusing to choose one. Today we have service providers like SpaceInquiry which is like a Wikipedia of event spaces; it has become so easy to find the perfect venue. Checkout our Top 10 Best Ballrooms in UAE list.

To make your research further easy, we present to you a list of best ballrooms (not according to any ranking) in UAE, the best you can hope for, and the best you might have imagined. We have a compiled a list of Top 10 Best Ballrooms in UAE. Give it a read.

1 | ETIHAD BALLROOM (Top 10 Best Ballrooms in UAE)

etihad ballroom uae

The Etihad Ballroom, not needed to mention located in Etihad Palace, one of the most premier meeting spaces is best for so many reasons. It has the honor of being one of the largest ballrooms in Abu Dhabi. It has a regal décor, built-in AV equipment and a purpose-built stage, making it a fantastic venue for events. SpaceInquiry recommends this place for large-scale corporate and family events. It also has an outdoor terrace which can be enjoyed with drinks and Kahwa after dinner. It can serve 2,400 guests in theater style. It has a built-in multi-purpose stage with enough space for 6 additional cars.


Location: Emirates Palace


vista ballroom uae

This ballroom is on the 14th floor giving an incredible view of the Arabian Gulf.  Royal entrances, incredibly aesthetic interior and floor to ceiling windows to reveal the views of Gulf are magical.

It has a 597 square meters of flexible space to accommodate 350 people leisurely. You get to choose custom cocktails and banquet options. Good news alert! Complimentary WiFi so people can share their experiences live.


Location: Viceroy The Palm



great ballroom uae

This ballroom is all about design, imaginative architecture and art. It is located in W Dubai and is the definition of treasure and hub of fashion, art and entertainment. It can accommodate 500 guests in theater style. It has built-in state-of-the-art AV equipment readily available for usage. The reason why this ballroom stands out is visionary design of the ballroom and their Whatever/Whenever services.


Location: W Dubai



regal ballroom uae

This magnificent ballroom houses in St. Regis Saadiyat Island and has an amazing beach view on stepping outside. The Regal Ballroom is very spacious and flexible and can accommodate 2,400 guests at a time. It has city’s largest banquet facility accompanied with the latest technology and built-in AV equipment. The Regal Ballroom has a scenic outdoor terrace area. SpaceInquiry recommend this space for a huge conference or other big event.


Location: St. Regis Saadiyat Island



baniyas ballroom uae

This magnificent ballroom is huge enough to hold 2,500 guests; this means it is perfect for a wedding, entertainment event and gala dinners. It is also a very good choice for product launches and budget events that can benefit from the in-built AV equipment. This ballroom can be divided in to 3 separate soundproof ballrooms for small events. The Baniyas ballroom is equipped with state-of-the-art media room that is equipped with cutting-edge technology. This masterpiece has carpet-integrated LED lights alongside the walls, plus fiber-optic lights with amendable color schemes to create magic in the event.

Location: Grand Hyatt Dubai



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gala ballroom uae

Located in Palazzo Versace this ballroom is one of the most beautiful and exquisite ballrooms. It can accommodate about 840 people in theater style. The Gala Ballroom being custom-designed by Versace himself; features a carpet reflecting an archival Versace Barocco print in gold and is ideal for a huge wedding feast or a big-scale corporate event.


Location: Palazzo Versace



mezzoon balroom uae

SpaceInquiry definitely recommends this ballroom for exquisite events. This ballroom is decorated with beautiful crystals, magical chandeliers and amazing colors but the finest crystals being used are what make this ballroom royal. It can serve 1,400 guests at a time but can be divided in to 4 smaller spaces with soundproof separations. It has built-in AV equipment like its competitors. It is located in Jumeirah Etihad Towers so you have an amazing beach view too.


Location: Jumeirah Etihad Towers



origami ballroom uae

This ballroom is a relief for it being not very huge. It is ideal for small family functions, small gathering and standalone company meetings. It has a beautiful design and it is the frst thing that strikes the person walking in to the ballroom. It can accommodate around 140 guests and is probably the most uniquely designed ballroom in the country.


Location: Nassima Royal



dubai ballroom uae

This ballroom is located in Location: JW Marriott Marquis from which one can view the banks of the new Dubai Water Canal. This ballroom is not very spacious making small events like standalone meeting and small get-togethers to be hosted on reasonable prices.

It has the capacity of serving 1,545 people. You can choose colors and themes for chandeliers and LED lights from a 1000 colors’ list.


 Location: JW Marriott Marquis



saqr ballroom uae 

This place will give you goose bumps for its jaw-dropping view of the Grand Mosque. You can also get daylight in the meeting hall on request. This ballroom is very minimalistic in design making it ideal for formal meetings. It can accommodate 1,100 guests in theater style. It is located in Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, the five start hotel, which is known for its hospitality and view of Grand Mosque.


Location: Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

Now they you know these are the best ballrooms right? Still confused as what things to consider to choose a ballroom for your event nad how to book it? Give a read to (link to previous article) to get your hands on booking a ballroom.

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